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Lois Jovanovic, M.D., answers questions about diabetes and pregnancy

BD answers questions about insulin injection during pregnancy

BD answers questions about insulin
injection during pregnancy

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Question 1 - Pregnant women with diabetes seem to prefer to use the stomach as their injection site but are afraid they will hurt the baby. Is this possible?

Answer - Insulin Injections During Pregnancy

Question 2 - Can stomach injections increase stretch marks?

Answer - Insulin Injections and Stretch Marks

Question 3 - What injection sites can be used during pregnancy, and which are the best?

Answer - Insulin Injections During Pregnancy

Question 4 - What are the best types of needles to use based on body types?

Answer - Insulin Syringe Needle Types

Question 5 - Is it okay to switch between needle types (i.e., long, short, thick, thin).

Answer - Insulin Syringe Needle Types

Question 6 - What do I have to know before flying with my diabetes supplies?

Answer - Flying with Diabetes Supplies

Question 7 - What do I need to know about planning for pregnancy?

Answer - Planning for Pregnancy with Diabetes

Question 8 - How will diabetes affect my health and my baby's health during pregnancy?

Answer - Pregnancy and Diabetes - Fetal and Maternal Health

Question 9 - Do you offer any resources for women with gestational diabetes?

Answer - Gestational Diabetes

Question 10 - If my doctor doesn't specify a brand, my pharmacy always gives me the store brand of needles. Is it necessary to have the doctor ask for a specific brand?

Answer - How to Get a Name Brand Syringe

Question 11 - What benefits are gained from having a good quality needle?

Answer - Best Insulin Syringe

Question 12 - Do you offer coupons or other ways to cut down on supply costs?

Answer - Diabetes Supply Special Offers

Question 13 - Many pregnant women with diabetes are afraid to inject insulin. What products or tips can you offer for people who are afraid of shots?

Answer - Insulin Injections - Fear, Anxiety, Scared, Afraid, etc.




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