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(From Other Diabetic Mommies )


From: langster1
Avoid confusion with long-acting versus short-acting insulin:
Coloring the bottles will prove to be helpful. For example, coloring your humulog regular RED will indicate short acting insulin. For NPH, use the color YELLOW. It coincides with the street lights and soon your whole family will realize the significance of the colors. Its essential to make whatever method you use stupid proof, or KIS keep it simple - in the event you are hypoglycemic, you will want a method that is easy to remember and consistent with something like the rules of the road. I believe a little preparation and thought will go along way.

From: jenn642, type 1
Life does definitly have bends in the road, how well you get through those bends is all in how you aproach them. A curvy road can look scary at first sight, learn as much as you can about that road, and take it slow. Support, help, shoulders to lean on, and talking to others that have already done it can help greatly!

From: gabsmom2, type 1
I truly believe that we diabetic moms are some of the strongest moms out there. We have to endure so much for the love of our babies before and after. We work so hard to have that perfect control to try and conceive, then we don't get a "normal" pregnancy, but we do all of this for the welfare of our children, finally we need to take care of ourselves to be there for our family. We probably know more about nutrition than some nutritionists and we can set a great example for our children on healthy eating and exercise that other moms may not need to do. We are very strong women and (especially our daughters) see that we can accomplish the impossible even when the odds are against us.

From: jdecker200, type 2
Don't let doctors put unreasonable fears in your head and always be your own health care advocate - educate yourself. If you wonder about something, ASK! The doctor is paid by and therefore working for YOU!

From: mrsteach, type 1
Educate yourself. I have often been given conflicting advice from my many doctors. It helps if you have the knowledge to question their recommendations, and some background to understand their explanantions. Stand up for yourself too, I have had to say to one doctor, "But my endocrinologist says this...," "But my nutritionist says this...," "But my perinatologist says this..." At least then I can explain to one doctor why my other doctor prescribed whatever change in treatment. Write down your questions before you go to the doctor, and write down their answers so you remember them. I usually freeze up when my doctor asks, "Do you have any questions?" Then when I leave the office, "I forgot to ask about...."

From: d_mommy (Diabetic Mommy), type 2
Keep remembering that diabetes treatment and knowledge has gotten better. No, there's no cure, but it's proven that if you take care of yourself, you will get rewards. What other disease can you say that about? Diabetes USED to be a death sentence, now with some education about it, you are capable of caring for yourself and getting great results!

From: Poddy28, type 1
Make sure you control your diabetes and not let your diabetes control you! I try to lead a full and normal life whilst taking care of myself. I can do anything other people can do, I just have to take a little more care of myself whilst I am doing it!

From: judebug1,type 1
Control the diabetes...don't let it control YOU!


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